1. couturewriter replied to your post: In hunger games when Thresh throttled Clove and people are like ‘oh Cato didn’t get there in time to save her’, I think that’s totally wrong. Cato knows that only one can get out alive and he wants that to be him, he also knows what Clove is capable of and since the games are coming to an end he realizes that she’s gonna pose a threat very soon. Of course Thresh has always posed a threat to Csto so having the two of them go at it is advantageous to him no matter the outcome. He ignored her cry.

    Did you send yourself this so you could use that gif… just kidding.

    No way would Cato sacrifice Clove when threats like Thresh and Katniss were still in play.  He’s got tactical skills.  He needs her knivery.  Straight up:  He was just too far away to do anything.  Cato would not have passed up an opportunity to try and take out Thresh himself.  He’s a bro like that.

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